Design is not simply the physical arena, but the spiritual & emotional well-being of the people that inhabit it. The power of design is human.  Design is the response.  How do we affirm & empower each unique person, whether for a minute, an hour or a year?  The places we inhabit - whether for living, eating, working, meeting or creating - should not attempt to define us, but to support us, inspire us, delight us.  The design question is not "will this look good," whatever "good" means, and to whom.  Instead of being categorized by generation, job title, or gender; let the quality of our living, eating, working, meeting, and creating be the definition.

An interior designer who is passionate about how experience, adventure, and innovation impact the built environment, Juli is inspired by the discovery of unexpected relationships.  Her experience ranges from large corporate interiors projects to high-end residences, restaurants & retail to custom fabrication details. From 200,000 SF to the miniscule, her work focuses on on the human experience, techtonic interactions, and the exploration of volume.

As a designer at Gensler, Juli works with a wide range of clients, including international law firms and other professional services firms, on creating and implementing design solutions - from strategic analysis through design and construction.  

Juli collaborates with Nikole Nelson at BLKCORAL, an artistic collaborative of artists, designers, makers and craftsmen focused on the creation of unique experiences and conceptual environments through the conception and creation of custom art installations, interior design, visual merchandising, set design & styling.

Juli also teaches interior design at the Art Institute of Washington, and is excited to be involved in encouraging the new generation of design thinkers & creators.  She also enjoys writing about design, art & music.

Juli recieved an MA in Interior Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design; and a BA in International Studies & Italian from the University of South Carolina.  

Juli grew up in Paris, France; Winchester, England and Washington, D.C.